Who Runs This Shit?

Who is in charge of this site?

I am. My name is Ian.

Other turstworthy members may or may not be permitted and trusted to perform some administrative or moderating duties in my stead.

How do I contact you?

Goto the contacs page: here

I've been banned and want to know why and / or get unbanned

Chances are you acted like a prick, dick, low-life, predator, bitch, knob or in some other manner or way were creepy and queer. (If you read "queer" and think that we kick people off the site for being gay then you're wrong, possibly also uneducated and probably a knob. Buy a dictionary, look it up, read the sentance again in context).

If you've changed your ways and want to come back then contact us.

If you believe the above isn't you then contact us.

Where does the hate-mail get sent?

Preferably stop being a douche and send it to your anus. That's right, two words, not a planets name.

Genuine enquires can be emailed, but keep your hate to yourself.