What is the goal of this site?

The goal of this website is to provide a controlled, safe and fun place for grown ups to meet, communicate and have a good time.

What this site is NOT trying to do:

We are not trying to provide you with a means to find a fuck buddy, quick sex, or your next partner, spouse or other.
You are quite welcome to hookup with the members, if that member permits, just as you are and would in real life, off the internet.
I mean, hey! Shit happens right? We'd love to know someone found true love here but it is not a dating site.

Chat Box (text)

A text based chat box is provided to all members where you can chat with any and all other members currently online and viewing the box. (You have the ability to hide the box so that it does not clutter your screen)
(we are looking at opening up the chat box for non-members as well, this is not yet decided)

Webcam Chat Rooms

We have a few webcam chat rooms, each for different purposes that you can use.
These cams are NOT for you to flop out your cock and wank for all to see. Respectively they are also not for the same actions with tits and smoo's. (if one gender can't the other can't)
Can I use these cams for sex?
What you do in a private cam with a consentual adult is your own business. KEEP IT LEGAL and / or LAWFULL

Age Restrictions

You must be 18 years of age or older to join the site. No If's or But's, no excuses.
If your Country, State, Province or Local Area and Community have laws that do not consider you an adult until you are at a higher age, then that also applies, do not join.
(FYI: If your laws consider you an adult at an age under 18 years then you still cannot join until you are 18 years or older)

Content and Graphic Content

The site contains content, language and themes that are adult oriented. This may include embeded media, member images

Can we do illegal things?

NO! If you want to break the law then do it elsewhere. This site will obey the laws of Australia, and Queensland including without limitation local laws.
Laws for the country that this website is hosted will also be adhered to as long as we know the law and it's applicable
In addition to this YOU must obey any laws of your Country, State, Province, Local Area, Community or similar.

What if I don't like some of the stuff on the site or some of the people?

Well then go somewhere else. No one is forcing you to come here, you are an adult and you have every right to go away and find a place that suits you.
Having said that if you have an issue with something or someone contact the administrative, development or moderating crew or members and we may be able to help you. We will not tollerate ongoing abuse or similar.

Where does the hate-mail get sent?

It doesn't. Hate mail can be sent directly to your anus. Not a planet. A body part.
For serious things, use the contact us page.

Why do I have to sign up to use the site?

The signup process is to weed out the arseholes, wankers. Such as trolls, who will just spend thier time pissing off all the other members with no intent of participating in a social manner.

Do I have to pay to signup?

My Arse! NO! You do not have to pay.

Do I have to pay for extra features? (like what dumb-arsed dating sites do to thier members)?

Again: My Arse! NO!
You do not have to pay for extra or additional features and functionality.
We have a system in place to allow for additional features and functionality, and although it is called "Sponsorship" it does not involve money. It involves other members deciding that you are a nice enough and or fun enough person to be invited into the extra features and functionality.

Patience and Growth

There is only a small member base at this stage, of good, fun, enjoyable people, both male and female. Be patient, let the site grow. We hope to soon introduce some set dates and times for members to get online at once and socialise. This includes a count-down which we refer to as an event.

More info?

If you have any further questions contact us using the contact link provided at the bottom of the main / home page. As further questions come in an FAQ may be created